The tourist region of Kuta, in the Indonesian island resort of Bali, in 2016 needs reform and management in various supporting sectors such as traffic management and environmental hygiene, according to tourism practitioner Nyoman Sarjana.

“The Kuta tourist area will face a great challenge in the future because from year to year the traffic there continues to get crowded. Therefore, the government and stakeholders in the tourism sector should all move to improve tourism in Bali, particularly in Kuta,” Nyoman remarked here Friday. If the iconic tourism of Bali is not properly managed, it is feared that the tourists will be bored of coming to Kuta and find another destination instead, he noted. “It is because other areas in Indonesia are also managing their tourist attractions to attract more tourists,” Nyoman said, and added that foreign tourists who come to Bali feel comfortable and safe, and therefore this factor should be the priority while developing tourism.

“Indeed, Bali is famous for art and culture since the ancient times. However, if it is not accompanied by comfort and security, domestic and foreign tourists will look for the other tourist attractions outside Bali,” he went on. In addition, the government and stakeholders should pay attention to hygiene, because the presence of garbage is in the spotlight in the world of tourism, he noted. “We have to find the solution to overcome the garbage problem in Bali, and all parties must be concerned about the environment,” he said.

Furthermore, all parties should make every effort to keep the island resort of Bali clean and green, he added.